The team

Camilo Sanchez (CO/SP)

Music programming, spatial sound design, embodied interaction and administration
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I first got in touch with experimental music by seeking noise. In this search, I got immersed in field recording and acousmatic music while accomplishing my Musicology bachelor's degree in Madrid. During my master studies at Aalto Media Lab, I found an attraction towards procedural audio, spatial sound and embodied interaction. The combination of these disciplines is palpable in the generative, spatial and exploratory aspect of the works we develop at Konvolv.  

John Lee (ROK)

Concept design, system architecture design, implementation, physical computing, and interaction design.
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I am a new media artist and software developer wanting to focus on my skills more on new media projects. I have studied both software engineering and new media design. I have over a decade of professional programming experience. I am into generative art on a computer algorithm based on randomness which allows me to mimic natural brush effect and colour composition.

Liisi Soroush (FI)  

AD, Conceptual and Experiential Design, Philosophy & Politics in Generative Narratives and Storytelling, Open Society Activism, Interactive and Digital Poetry and Writing.  
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Liisi is a member of Konvolv New Media Art collective established in 2018 by her and Camilo Sánchez. She works in collaboration with Konvolv cooperative, not yet a member. Currently she is on maternal leave.

I observe embodied and spatial realities and stories within. The chosen tools for elaborating the concepts in these experimental and site-specific co-creations are found at the interplay between various philosophies and technologies.

The communication, including the non-verbal between the living, non-living, - beyond human-centered perspectives. The flow and continuity of life; from people's circulation to blood cells, waves in the sea to a traffic light and bank transaction could be seen poetically framing our circadian patterns and existence in the universe.

My aim is to combine data, information in societal and political context and narratives embedded in new media experiential design.#rhythmanalysis #mediaarcheology #soundstudies #humanmaterialinteraction #newmaterialism #transhumanism #multisensorial #urbanplanning #ecosophia #humanrights #electronicwriting #embodiedinteraction

Reishabh Kailey (IN/FI)

AD, concept design, visual design, copywriting, and making sure everything is satisfactorily weird.
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I am a queer media artist currently engaging with decolonization, un-individualisation of art-making and queering of new media technology through non-expert, non-eurocentric, and paralogical methodologies. I am particularly interested in questions about human control, nonhuman vitality, materiality and the transness of living in mediatized and digitalized cultures. In the past few years, my work has transitioned from visual art and graphic design, to new media, collaging, archiving, projecting, writing and film-making.
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