We are collective of new media artists working with physical immersive and interactive experiences.

We create interactive immersive experiences to host our audiences. We use generative storytelling, 3D audio, rhythm analysis and embodied interaction to engage the audience and inspire their curiosity.

With our educational content, we want to teach the younger generations about the advantages of open-source and ethics of programming. We teach creative programming to offer a relaxed and inspiring introduction to coding. Our team also educates on the university level of education.

Konvolv_ consists of designers but we can offer technology implementation and consultation in art & design productions: Creative coding development, sensor technology and audience interaction.

[Konvolv_] was founded in 2019.



# Interactive Co-Immersive Experiences

Tailored physical experiences to communicate your message distinctly. We make use of experiential design, embodied interaction, spatial sound, IoT and sensor technologies, procedural visualisations and generative storytelling to reach your audience in a collective, immersive, creative and explorative manner.

# Consultation / Conceptual Design

Our team can help you to co-design future scenarios, prototypes, experiences, exhibitions and events beyond the current trends in immersive media. Our brackground in new media, social sciences, engineering, activism, music science and communication design inter alia opens up new opportunities to widen the discourse often neglected in the mainstream. 

# Research

The heart of our working philosophy lies on research. In our projects, we aim for artistry, experimentation and knowledge. Through our artistic process and practise, we negoatiate by using science, societal and environmental aspects to provide an outcome that is both informative and attractive.

# Education & Workshops

We facilitate education through courses and workshops in new media production, DIY technologies and creative coding for all ages and backgrounds. In our education content and work, we also promote open source, open data and open society.

The team

Liisi Soroush - artistic director and philosophy.
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Camilo Sanchez - spatial audio and embodied interaction.
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John Lee - computer graphics, embedded systems and machine vision.
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Reishabh Kailey - visual artist.
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Alex van Giersbergen- computer graphics and machine vision.
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1.8.2020 We have a new member! Reishabh Kailey is joining [Konvolv_] as our visual designer.

7.7.2020 Our work Hamistagan is going to be presented in Ars Electronica under the Wild State exhibition 9-13.09.2020. Niko Tiainen is joining us in the production of this work for Ars Electronica. Click here for more info.

16.6.2020 Camilo Sanchez has been awarded with a Taike grant to publish an open archive of our spatial sound recordings. The first realise of this archive will be online in mid August.



What is The Immersive Physical Experience?
The space is defined by its boundaries e.g. walls. When activities and engagement are developed within, the space turns into the place.
Physical experience design incorporates elements from user experince design, architecture and behavioral design among others.
Meanwhile, the immersive experience design reinforces the multisensorial perception. Most commonly, the immersive experience design is discussed in the context of XR.

The immersive physical experience design production is embedded into the creation of a world of its own. While the experience detaches the audience from mobile devices and headsets, it allows a break from the noise coming outside.

The immersive experience design consists of generative non-linear storytelling, spatial audio, projection mapping, lighting, machine vision and sensor technology integrated into an environment.
With these tools, the immersion and interaction with physical and digital content create and transform the everyday space into a meaningful and collective engagement in the physical place.

What is Spatial Audio?
Spatial Audio is a technique of distributing sound in the physical or virtual 3D space. It enables us to have a better representation of how sound behaves in real life.
Spatial Audio delivers a sound field that deepens the sensory perception of our works.
Besides, surreal 3D soundscapes can be created using programming, sound design and different speaker set-ups.

What is Embodied Interaction?
This type of interaction supports visitors’ engagement in a contextual manner. The human body, its senses and place are taken into consideration. 
Embodied interaction shapes and augments human cognition coupling motor movements and senses, including the interaction and environment itself.
The phenomenological shifts are focused to all senses beyond the audiovisual, from action-centred skills to motor memory.
We use cutting edge technology such as sensors, trackers and data scraping to bring meaningful communication between the human body, tangible objects and the physical and cyberspace.

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