What is Konvolv?

Konvolv osk was founded in 2019 as a collective of new media artists striving for internationalisation and diversification of the Finnish new media industry.

Our background in Aalto Media Lab has constituted a network of international new media alumni staying and independently working in Finland. We aim to offer these alumni a job opportunity to introduce international know-how and expand the new media scene in Finland beyond the mainstream game and virtual reality industries, which typically exclude a vast variety of possibilities within our disciplines. All of our members including in our networks are inclined towards multidisciplinary research in science, humanities, politics, future technologies as well as traditional and experimenting art practices.

We established Konvolv with the hope to potentiate the Finnish media scene with diverse approaches to human-machine interaction, experiential design, spatial and procedural audio, generative visualisations, artificial intelligence and data processing.

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