5.10.2020 Frame Finald and Avek supported our team member Camilo Sanchez to present Hamistagan in Ars Electronica 2020.

1.8.2020 We have a new member! Reishabh Kailey is joining [Konvolv_] as our visual designer.

7.7.2020 Our work Hamistagan is going to be presented in Ars Electronica under the Wild State exhibition 9-13.09.2020. Niko Tiainen is joining us in the production of this work for Ars Electronica. Click here for more info.

16.6.2020 Camilo Sanchez has been awarded with a Taike grant to publish an open archive of our spatial sound recordings. The first realise of this archive will be online in mid August.

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