# CO-IMMERSION - Participatory Immersive Experiential Design

With our expertise in New Media tech processes like embodied interaction, artificial intelligence, dynamic spatial soundscapes, IoT, sensor technologies, procedural graphics and generative storytelling, we cross borders between the physical, digital, real and surreal by designing immersive, interactive, participatory and sensorial experiences that create a sense of presence and are customized to your messaging.

# LOCATION - Site-specific art direction/production for public spaces

In-depth research of the locality, the community, the ecology, and the history. We provide art direction, concept design, research and execution for location-specific artistic experiences, made from, for, and at the site. This could be an event, an exhibition, a workshop or a combination. Social and ecological impact.  

# SPECULATION - New media consulting, concept design, critical design

We help partners in articulating New Media needs and possibilities, often by designing critical and speculative scenarios. Our team can help you co-design concepts and prototypes beyond the current trends in immersive media. With our combined backgrounds in new media, social sciences, software engineering, social activism, music science and communication design, we can ideate in a truly interdisciplinary manner.

# CURATION - Multidisciplinary collaboration, research and curation

We collaborate on research projects by providing Curatory and Advisory services within our areas of expertise. Because of the experimental nature of our work, we are continually engaged in new forms of artistic research. We are exploring embodiment, telepresence, transhumanism, techno-socio-ecological entanglement and the unexplored dimensions of cross-material interactivity. Through these, we are able to curate new ideas, edgy research, human artists, and a rapidly expanding set of knowledge possibilities. Multi disciplinary consultation - in-house and third party - specially focussed on social ecology. 

# EDUCATION - Workshops and training

We facilitate educational courses and workshops in new media production, embodied interaction, DIY technologies, generative audiovisual art, and creative coding for all ages and backgrounds. We promote open source, open data and open societies in all our educational work. We can design customized workshop or training formats based on specialized needs.

Mentoring for futurescapes.

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