# CO-IMMERSION - Experiential Design + Interactive and Participatory experiences

Co-immersive design endows immersive physical experiences in the collective space.

Experiential design merges interactive multisensorial features and technology and its outcomes by applying generative storytelling and embodied interaction methods. 

Co-immersive experiential design unfies custom-made physical interaction technologies together with audience engagement and interaction to generate a memorable message while delivering a powerful experience.

To achieve the mentioned, Konvolv exerts embodied interaction, artificial intelligence, spatial sound, IoT and sensor technology, procedural graphics and generative storytelling. 

# LOCATION - Site-specific art and design 

Konvolv art and design process focuses on the creation of a meaningful place enfolded into multisensorial ambiances.

The emphasis on place, space and environment established in physical and virtuals scapes are under scrutiny through lenses of various multidiscliplinary fields; HCI, media ecology, design, film, sound and music, architecture and sociological, political and environmental sciences.

Our practise yields observations and research together with local expertise, stakeholders and the community of the area within the virtual and IRL platforms.  
We are learning to provide analysis and reports retrieved from the artistic explorations and methods in site-and case-spefic context.


# SPECULATION - New media consulting,concept design,  discourse and design

We provide consultation in new media production. Our priorities are found on facilitating critical discourse embedded into the concept and design process. 

By means of explorations under post-and transhuman theories, creative technology development and experimental material interactions

We use: 

- participatory design (co-design) 
- ludic design
- speculative and reflective design
- adversarial design (design activism)
- critical design

to pose questions, to create new knowledge and to explore alternative futures.

In order to understand humans, objects, systems - technology and future the research under design sociology incorporated with HCI and antrophology, among other fields of expertise, open up the most valuable outcomes.

As design theory acknowledges the affordances are embadded into objects, systems, and services reproducing sociocultural and political norms and assumptions.Therefore design as such functions as form of storytelling and communication and the intentions of the designer are exposed by the forms and the affordances of objects, services and systems.

Our design process, along the other present- day designers, tries to culminate the design process under new material theories searching for course of action to unify humans and non-humans rejecting only the human-centered perspectives and world views. 


# CURATION - Multidisciplinary collaboration and research 

We are open and looking for multidisciplinary research and knowhow collaboration to be incorporated with our fields of expertise.

The nature of co-creation and open knowledge culture (open source, creative commons, maker and remix culture) empowers the experimental art and new media design processes. 

We can curate exhibitions, festivals among other events and can provide full design and execution process as inhouse production and through our networks. 

# EDUCATION - Workshops and courses  

We facilitate courses and workshops in new media fields from children workshops to university students, and for people of any age or without technical skills.  

Our strenghts lies on conceptual and critical thinking and design, embodied interaction, DIY technologies, creative technology, generative(AV,design) art and storytelling in virtual and real life environments.

We promote open source, open data and open society culture in our mentoring methods.


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