Konvolv is a new media collective that discusses the societal, political and environmental complexities. Our agendas reflect upon topics and issues such as digital human rights, embodied interaction, sound and physical interaction, queer media art, decolonization, new materialism, software engineering, open society activism, surveillance, power structures, musicology, post- and transhumanism , human-material interaction, media archaeology, ubicomp, post-WIMP, and rhythmanalysis.

As a collective, we strive for observing places, spaces, environments and ambiences unfolding into site and case-specific narratives that incorporate data flows with meaningful messages. Our efforts translate into a variety of site-specific new media art formats connected to local inhabitants; living or nonliving, human or non-human, animals and entities.

Our dream is to facilitate collaboration between multidisciplinary fields, leading not only meaningful messaging through new media art methods, but embracing the artistic explorations to provoke senses to merge into the state of presence.

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