IoL -FinEstBay

Concept Design for FinEstBay @ 5G Hack The Mall 6.2020
Avner PeledLiisi Soroush & Camilo Sánchez

Mentoring: Erwin Badlwin

IoL (Island of Life) was a concept using new media art, creativity and imagination for FinEstBay Island concept. We introduced participatory and collective platforms combining old handcraft knowledge, senior citizens unemployed youth, people with disabilities by utilising the advantages that 5G will provide to telepresence and mid-air haptic technologies.In our concept we strive for s circular economy to self-sustain FinEstBay Island and take a stance on environmental challenges especially regarding Baltic Sea. These actions are powered by algotrading and algotransparency, and motivated by features such as low latency. Furthermore, contrary to exploiting the island as a casino and unsustainable tourism resort, our vision is to make FinEstBay an example platform for promoting values on equality, transparency and environmental issues. 
Our concept was much appreciated by Kustaa Valtonen.

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